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Classics Trip Advisor



This is the place to share tips and experiences about taking school parties to Classical sites in the UK and elsewhere.


If the menu is not showing on the right, click SideBar at the top right.


Feel free to contribute anything you want, and read what others have written.


You can even share your photos - please put them on a site like Flickr or PhotoBucket and link to them from this site.


Use the password you were given in the ArLT Teachers' Section.


A few pages have been set up already for you to organise your contributions. It is easy to make more. The simple instructions can be found below.


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David Swift said

at 3:27 pm on Sep 19, 2013

David Parsons sadly passed away in 2009. Although he did enable me to take over the management and development of the ARLT website, unfortunately he was not able to pass on to me the administrative rights to Classics Trip Advisor before he died. I have only now, some 4 years later, come back to these pages and I will be endeavouring to bring PBworks back to life.
At the 2006 Refresher Day, David delivered a full description of the ARLT website and how it had come into existence. As you read it, please be aware that the website, as it is now, is much changed and none of the links he listed will now work. I have tried to retain the essence and spirit of his excellent work. David Swift ARLT webmaster

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